Paper Cranes for Japan Challenge Benefit Poster

Thanks to all those who answered the call to make a paper crane in support of Japan! Visual artist Vik Muniz created a magnificent, original piece of artwork to be used as a benefit poster to fund further reconstruction efforts in Japan.

Inspired by the outpouring of global support for the Students Rebuild Paper Cranes for Japan Challenge, celebrated visual artist Vik Muniz created a magnificent piece, titled "Large Paper Crane," with thousands of the cranes in his Brooklyn studio. Vik’s creation is beautifully captured in the New York Times' Sunday Magazine photo essay. Proceeds from the benefit poster continue to aid long-term recovery and reconstruction.

  • Poster design by Tony Morgan, Step Graphics.
  • The character in "Large Paper Crane" means "together," and represents the thousands of people who came together to fold cranes and support Japan in the Students Rebuild Paper Cranes for Japan Challenge.
  • The original poster measured 40" x 50"--the reprinted poster is 36" x 24" size to make it easier to frame.
  • Poster orders are limited to 25 per person.
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to mount or frame posters.
  • All proceeds from the new poster will benefit the We Are One community and youth center in the Tohoku area of Japan, ravaged by the earthquake and tsunami.

Paper Cranes for Japan Poster - $25 USD each (includes shipping & handling) *Please note: Unfortunately, we are no longer able to ship internationally.


Learn more about Vik Muniz and the Students Rebuild Paper Cranes for Japan campaign through our blog, and see how the piece was created through a Paper Cranes for Japan video featuring Vik!