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Frequently Asked Questions

Read the list below for answers to some of the most common questions we've received about Students Rebuild and our Projects. Have a question that's not featured in this list? Email us at info@studentsrebuild.org!

About students rebuild

Students Rebuild, a program of the Bezos Family Foundation, empowers students to take creative action on global issues through art, raising money for organizations making a difference on the ground.

For more, visit our How it Works page.

We initially referred to our initiatives as 'Challenges' because it seemed fitting. But as we’ve grown, we came to feel that the term 'Project,' (which we adopted in 2022 with the Welcoming Refugees Project) more accurately reflects our belief that, though global problems are large and complex, young individuals can unite and create meaningful change in the world.

You can contact the Students Rebuild team via email at info@studentsrebuild.org or social media on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

You can opt in when you register for the Project or by completing the form on our homepage.

The Students Rebuild website is optimized for the two latest versions of each of the following browsers: Chrome (OS X/Windows/iOS/Android), Safari (OS X/iOS), Firefox (OS X/Windows), Edge (Windows/Windows Phone), and Android native browser. We, unfortunately, do not support Internet Explorer.


The Extraordinary Earth Project kicked off on August 17, 2023, and wraps up in June 2024. Stay tuned for a next Challenge to be announced late summer 2024, and learn more about the Extraordinary Earth Project here.

The way it works is simple: our annual Projects invite students to respond to a specific problem affecting young people. Teachers and students explore the issue in class, create art based on their learnings, and send it to us. For every piece of art submitted, we make a financial donation to organizations making a difference in the space.

For every piece of artwork, we make a $5 donation to our partner organizations.

Students Rebuild is a program of the Bezos Family Foundation. Our Projects work by asking young people to learn, connect, and take action on critical global issues. Once they understand the Project topic, we ask youth to create symbolic objects which the Foundation matches with funding for a good cause.

Not every young person has the means or opportunity to raise funds, so we ask them to show they care by creating symbols that express their care and concern. This approach allows young people of all backgrounds and in almost any country to take action on critical global issues.

At Students Rebuild, we believe in the Carl Wilkens quote, "When you make something with your hands, it changes the way you feel, which changes the way you think, which changes the way you act."

We're hopeful that as Project participants work on the items they’ll send in, they think about the Project topic and the beneficiaries they're helping. We want to give all young people a way to show they care, to feel empathy, and take action—and we'll handle the funding!

Our unique model of young people engaging with large issues and deploying creative problem solving from all walks of life to learn, helps to build a global culture of care and empathy for future generations who will be tasked with tackling these issues in the future.

By global, we mean that we select issues that we believe impact young people everywhere—in the United States and all around the world.


A lot of our Project teams join as classrooms or library groups, but many of our teams are service clubs (e.g. Key Clubs, 4-H, Girl Guides), art clubs, or diversity clubs. Individuals participate alone, museums and community groups start teams, homeschooling parents and their children participate, and we even have teams comprised of Big Sisters and Big Brothers working with their “Littles.” Faith groups gather in houses of worship to participate, and often friends with no affiliation to any group gather and participate.

So it’s completely up to you how you’d like to participate in the Challenge—what’s important is that young people learn about critical global issues, build empathy, and take action by creating the Challenge “call-to-action” item.

Unfortunately, no. We wholeheartedly believe in the Carl Wilkens quote, “When you make something with your hands, it changes the way you feel, which changes the way you think, which changes the way you act.”

We require that participants work with their hands on the “call-to-action” item, so we cannot accept art for a donation unless it’s handmade.

Physical artwork can be mailed to us at: Students Rebuild 2400 1st Ave. S. #336 Seattle, WA 98134

Once we receive your artwork, we’ll ensure each piece is counted and matched with funding to support organizations making a difference in the space.

If you have a high volume of art to submit, or just find it easier to submit online, you can digitally submit a photo of your art instead.

There's no minimum or maximum to the number of people you can have on a Challenge team. It's common to be a team of one; we've also seen teams of hundreds of people! Just make sure you register for the Project here.

Yes! Please register for the active Challenge even if you've taken one before. This helps us accurately track the number of items made and people involved with each Project.

No. Currently, we can only associate one team per email address. In order to have multiple teams, you will need to register each team with a different email address.

Here are a few specific things to note about uploading your art:

-After entering your numbers online, you’ll be able to select “Upload Art.” You don’t need to take a photo of each piece of art. You can submit group shots of art, create an art display, or choose a representation of your Team’s artwork. -You can upload only 12 photos with each submission instance. If you have more images, you are welcome to upload the rest to your personal gallery—a feature of your Dashboard. -We cannot accept photos with recognizable faces. If these are submitted, we’ll need to reject the photo but your submission will still count. Tip: Art held in front of faces is a great blocker! -Please make sure images are in PNG or JPG format and are less than 10MB each. Uploading may take up to 3 minutes so please be patient. Hitting “Upload and Submit” multiple times may cause duplicate submissions.

Here are a few specific things to note about mailing in your art:

-After entering your numbers online, you’ll be able to select “Mail Art.” This will generate a mailing slip that will provide both the mailing address and details of your submission. Unable to print right now? Write down the provided details on a slip of paper and include it in your package. This enables us to easily identify your package and let you know when we receive it! -Your numbers will be counted as soon as you hit “complete submission” online, not when we receive your package. This means your dashboard display will immediately reflect your impact. -When we receive your package, we’ll send you a notification email within four weeks.

We'd love to hear from you! Please submit suggestions for Students Rebuild Projects by emailing us at info@studentsrebuild.org.

Try checking your junk/spam as a first step. As a second step, confirm Students Rebuild is on your safe sender list, or check with your organization’s IT department to make sure you can receive our emails.

Yes! We encourage students to keep their art and submit it online. Sharing a photo is enough to mobilize a donation on the students’ behalf!

We'd love to hear from you! Please submit suggestions for Students Rebuild Projects by emailing us at info@studentsrebuild.org.

Yes! You can make as many pieces of art as you’d like! While many of our teams set stretch goals for the number of pieces of art they produce, we ask that they are intentional and thoughtful in the process of crafting each one.

Active Challenge

Extraordinary Earth Project launched on August 17, 2023, and ends in June 2024. Teams can register and submit art at anytime in that period.

For the 2024 Extraordinary Earth Project, we've collaborated with organizations with a proven track record of supporting climate issues. Learn more about each partner on the Project Partner page.

Still have a question? Email us!