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2024: Extraordinary Earth Project

Our Earth is Extraordinary. Let’s Protect it.

Bringing the Extraordinary Earth Project to the world.

For the 2024 Extraordinary Earth Project, we've collaborated with five organizations with a proven track record of addressing critical needs and impacting local and global change. Learn more below.
Choose Earth

Choose Earth is a global movement by Choose Love that aims to inspire people to take action on climate change. Choose Love supports climate refugees and the communities that need critical infrastructure after a climate disaster. The organization will re-grant Students Rebuild funds to established local partners directly tackling the climate crisis.


Young people will also be inspired by the journey of education partner Little Amal — a moving, public, interactive arts exhibition that helps raise awareness about the conditions of refugee youth around the world by building partnerships with local communities. Funding supports education and impact efforts for young people to learn about the intersections of climate change and migration through the arts and community theater.


The National Wildlife Federation, America's largest and most trusted conservation organization, works across the country to unite Americans from all walks of life in giving wildlife a voice. They have been on the front lines for wildlife since 1936, fighting for the conservation values that are woven into the fabric of our nation's collective heritage.


Dedicated to reforestation and environmental conservation efforts around the world, Eden Reforestation Projects recognizes the importance of trees in mitigating climate change, providing habitat for wildlife, improving soil quality and offering livelihood opportunities for local populations.


The Solgaard Nyx Foundation works to prevent plastics from ending up in rivers and oceans to restore the ecosystems of Indonesia.

4-H logo new

4-H is America’s largest youth development organization—empowering nearly six million young people with the skills to lead for a lifetime. Students Rebuild is distributing 500 Power Protector Kits to libraries as a part of the 4-H STEM Challenge.

Maui UW

Maui United Way is supporting recovery efforts across the island and greater Hawaii. Funding will go toward three organizations sponsored by MUW dedicated to youth and ecological restoration, including:

  • Maui United Way's NASA Harvest Project which tackles food insecurity in Maui. Following the devastating wildfires, the project has shifted its focus to using data and mapping tools to support MUW's Emergency Financial Assistance program, which has already given financial support to over 8,000 wildfire survivors.

  • Maui United Way partner Kupu's Hawaii Youth Conservation Corps (HYCC), which equips young adults for professional endeavors by offering green job and volunteer prospects and delivering training in essential life skills

  • Maui United Way partner Hawaiʻi Land Trust which is dedicated to preserving Hawaiian land through sustainable restoration initiatives, education, and engagement with young individuals who act as stewards of the land, protecting over 21,500 acres of land across Hawaiʻi.