The Programs `Your Art` Helps Fund

For each Students Rebuild Challenge, we partner with respected organizations working on the ground to help strengthen communities worldwide—many of them household names. The funds we donate go to carefully vetted programs that are evaluated according to the outcomes they produce. In addition to extending our reach and helping our funding make more of a difference, our partners also inform the resources we provide to teachers and students.

All Challenge Partners

We donate funds, our partners implement programs.

Over the last 10 years, we've been proud to partner with the incredible organizations below who are dedicated to improving the lives of young people around the world. Learn more about partnering with Students Rebuild in this [Partnership Overview](//
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The Deep South Center for Environmental Justice

Participated in

2019: The Ocean Challenge

Promotional Partners

In addition to the partner organizations we select to receive funding through our annual Challenges, we also collaborate with promotional partners to bring awareness to Students Rebuild and our Challenges—and vice versa. These are organizations aligned by mission, values, and typically focused on serving an educator or student audience.