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2019: The Ocean Challenge

Ocean Conservation

Ocean Challenge Launch FINAL 2018 Launch v7

Waves of support for our ocean and coastal communities.

The world’s ocean and the people who live closest to it face urgent environmental challenges—but the actions of young people made a collective wave of support. Students made over 250,000 sea creatures which were each matched with a donation from the Bezos Family Foundation. In total, $500,000 was donated to ocean conservation and programs training coastal youth in ocean conservation.
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How it Worked

In a few steps, the Ocean Challenge turned learning to action.

We made it easy and fun for students to take action in support of our ocean while also taking away lasting lessons in global citizenship, marine science, and more. These were the steps:

1. Register, Set, Grow.

Coral 1

More than 1,000 teams in 40 countries participated in the Ocean Challenge, making it one of the largest campaigns in our 10-year history!

2. Waves of student-made sea creatures rolled in.


Over 100,000 students mobilized to help reach our goal of making 250,000 sea creatures! Each was matched with a $2 donation from the Bezos Family Foundation to support conservation-related programs.

3. Student-generated support helped our ocean and supported communities that depend on it most.


The $500,000 in donations helped 9 nonprofit organizations train coastal youth in ocean conservation and coral restoration. An exhibit featuring student-made artwork will also be featured at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium, opening on July 23, 2019.

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Learning Materials

Free teaching materials for any K-12 setting.

The Challenge has ended, but you can still minimize prep time and maximize student engagement with our curricula, lesson plans, and other resources. Many are informed by national standards, all are flexible enough for any setting, and all are free of charge. Below are the essential overview materials, and there’s many more to explore on our [Resources](http://www.studentsrebuild.org/resources "Resources") page.
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Why the Ocean?

The ocean sustains us. It’s time to return the favor.

Warming temperatures, overfishing, and pollution are negatively affecting ocean waters and marine life, and those effects will touch all of us worldwide.

In particular, coastal residents and those with low incomes are disproportionately affected. These communities contribute the least to damaging the ocean, yet experience the brunt of the problems that result.

Ocean Communities

Students create to turn the tide.

Learning about the issues facing the ocean and how they impact us all, over 100,000 students mobilized to help reach our goal of making 250,000 sea creatures! Many used recycled materials and create fun and unique creations. Each was matched with a $2 donation from the Bezos Family Foundation.

A flourishing finish!

The donations generated by student-made art funded youth-focused, science-based programs in partnership with The Nature Conservancy and other deserving organizations. Young people gained valuable education and practical job skills as they monitor and evaluate local waters and help restore endangered coral reefs. These programs impacted over 3,500 coastal youth.

Students artwork was put on display at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago During the summer of 2019.

Bahamas Reef

Interactive Map

Check out this year's teams and projects!

Students all over the world stepped up to save the ocean. Explore more than 1,200 teams that joined this Challenge. Click on the fish icons to learn more about the global projects that received funding.
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Ocean Challenge Gallery

Meet our partners, read inspiring notes, and see ocean art from teachers and students around the world.

We love our museum teams! In New York, the American Museum of Natural History has hosted their Milstein Science Series: Layers of the Ocean. Through that program, they have created 2,000 sea creatures to date!

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These colorful origami fish were created by the SEM Surfers team of San Elijo Middle School in San Marcos, California. Together, this team has already submitted 589 sea creatures raising over $1,000 for ocean conservation.

This recycled material sea creature is one of nearly 500 made by the Beach Guardian Team of Padstow, England! Beach Guardian was co-founded by Emily who is now a 21-year-old marine biology graduate.

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We love the diversity of sea creatures that our teams are making! The bio-diversity in our ocean is reflected in the creativity of the Amigos del Mundo team from Midwest City High in Oklahoma.

Many classrooms and groups are creating large ocean displays. This one is from Sea Saviors team of the 1st College Heights Girls Guides of Canada. Their team has submitted 38 creatures so far and raised $76!

This photo was taken in Grenada during Reef Week. Through the Ocean Challenge, participants will be supporting similar work and projects in the Dominican Republic and The Bahamas.

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Our ocean is teeming with life and we all rely on it for survival. Through the Ocean Challenge we are excited to explore and learn more through the work of The Nature Conservancy.

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"Without the reefs, the beaches disappear. We're learning how to take care of our island. And the fish, too. Without a reef, no fish." - Joseph, 10, Alpha Junior School.

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Young people from the Bronx Science Key Club helped create ocean creatures ahead of our Challenge launch!

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This year we are excited to be partnering with Ocean Collectiv to help identify and support amazing organizations impacting vulnerable coastal communities.

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