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2023: Welcoming Refugees Project

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We invited students from around the world to join us on an adventure of learning, empathy and art. Kids channeled their creativity to welcome people displaced by war and other crises by creating postcards sent to young refugees around the world. The Bezos Family Foundation donated $5 to refugee-aid organizations for every postcard created. __The Challenge is now closed.__
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How it Works

From understanding to action in 1-2-3.

We invite students to deepen their understanding of refugees living around the globe—and use it as a catalyst for action—by taking three simple-but-powerful steps:

1. Register, set, go!


Registration for the Extraordinary Earth Project is now open! Learn about how we can protect the extraordinary Earth through tackling global environmental issues like climate change. We provide the lessons, content guides and other website resources.

2. Create your art!

Coral 1

Create art out of recycled materials that helps deepen connections with the following environmental themes: Repurposing Waste, Deforestation, Clean Air and Ecosystems.

Make a change

CC Step 3

For each artwork you submit, the Bezos Family Foundation will make a $5 donation to organizations tackling environmental issues responding to the climate crisis across the world.

Get Started

Get Started with the Welcoming Refugees Project

To jump into action, use our [Leader Guide](https://studentsrebuild.org/materials/team-leader-overview-guide "Leader Guide"), [Making Art Guide](https://studentsrebuild.org/materials/making-art-guide-refugee "Making Art Guide") and watch our [short introduction video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUza9Ko6YYk "short introduction video"). Explore additional learning opportunities on our [Resources](https://studentsrebuild.org/challenges/refugee/resources "resources") page. All are flexible enough for any setting and designed to maximize student engagement while minimizing prep time. Many meet national standards. And all are free of charge.

Why the Welcoming Refugees Project?

art for illustrations 1-FC

Inspiring change.

Students Rebuild teamed up with humanitarian aid organizations around the globe to inspire change through the Welcoming Refugees Project. Together, we’re teaching students about refugee crises, how to make our communities more welcoming and open, and how small actions can make a big difference.

Students focus on what matters most to them.

Students learned about the global refugee crisis and were inspired to help. Next, they created art to amplify the cause by making a postcard or other piece of art to illustrate why it’s important and to raise awareness for the issue. For every artwork we received on or before June 20, 2023, a donation of $5 went to programs helping refugees around the world.

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How the money will helped.

The funding students generated supported five organizations that are providing humanitarian aid and other resources to refugees around the world. See a snapshot of the projects below and find a full description of the organizations and projects on our partner page.

Interactive Map

Check out postcards from across the world.

Use this map to find other teams participating in the Challenge. Click the pins to see where teams are creating postcards and find inspiration in their artistic creations. Register to be added to the map, and click the icons to learn how the programs you’re funding are making a difference.
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