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How it works

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Make global citizens. And art.

Students Rebuild Projects connect K-12 students worldwide in a collective effort to make a difference through art. We provide free education resources to inspire works of art that generate donations to organizations solving global problems.

Our Unique Model

Holistic learning. For an hour, a semester, or a year.

Students Rebuild provides the art prompts and education resources to empower a new generation eager to make a difference, building a community of global problem solvers.

Art as a catalyst for immediate and long-term change.


When students make art for others, they’re fully engaged—mind, body, and spirit. Art equals action; it's a universal language everyone, everywhere can embrace.

Designed for busy teachers.


Students Rebuild projects can be scaled from a single lesson to a full year. We provide the free resources to help you teach within whatever time and space you have.

Touching lives globally.


Funds generated through Students Rebuild support on-the-ground programs by trusted NGOs like CARE, Save the Children, The Nature Conservancy, charity: water, and others.

Past Challenges

Each student's contribution adds up to impact.

Since 2010, more than 1.3 million participants in more than 102 countries and all 50 U.S. states have created nearly 7 million works of art and raised more than $12.5 million dollars, benefiting over 450,000 youth around the world. See the difference students have made—from 2010 through the present.

2023: Welcoming Refugees Project

We're all connected.


Together, we raised more than $1.7 million to support organizations tackling some of the world's greatest needs.

2,790 teams of students created 201,503 postcards to raise over $1,700,000 to help UNICEF USA, Choose Love, Welcoming America, World Savvy and Little Amal inspire change through the Welcoming Refugees Project. Students learned about the refugee crises, how to make our communities more welcoming and open, and how small actions can make a big difference.

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2022: World Needs Challenge

Sparking global change through art-ivism


Together, we raised $2,500,000 to support organizations tackling some of the world's greatest needs.

1,921 teams of students created more pieces of art than ever before —more than 250,000 posters!— to raise 2,500,000 to help The Nature Conservancy’s efforts to address rising ocean climate; No Kid Hungry’s global hunger relief work; International Rescue Committee’s human rights work serving refugees; CARE USA and The King Center’s education efforts towards peacemaking and anti-racism; and Creative Reaction Lab’s programs to put art into action.

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2021: Changemaker Challenge

Honoring everyday heroes


Students faced a number of issues during this Challenge: a global pandemic, socially distant learning, racial injustice, the environment, and much more. That’s why we invited students to make awards for changemakers in their own backyard. Their awards also helped support changemakers around the world! Learn more below.

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2020: Hunger Challenge

Fighting Hunger and Malnutrition


Tens of millions of children around the world go to bed hungry or malnourished each night—but students from around the world changed that. Through the Hunger Challenge, students were able to mobilize $2.3 million for programs fighting hunger. Learn more below.

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2019: Ocean Challenge

Ocean conservation


The world’s ocean and the people who live closest to it face urgent environmental challenges—but the actions of young people made a collective wave of support. Students made over 250,000 sea creatures which were each matched with a donation from the Bezos Family Foundation. In total, $500,000 was donated to ocean conservation and programs training coastal youth in ocean conservation.

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Who are we

A Program of the Bezos Family Foundation.

Students Rebuild is operated and funded by the Bezos Family Foundation, a private, independent foundation based in Seattle. Guided by the belief that all young people deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential and meaningfully contribute to society, the Foundation invests in the science of learning and the experiences that young people from birth through high school need to learn and thrive. Matching funds for each Challenge are donated by the Foundation and given to [benefiting partners](http://www.studentsrebuild.org/partners "Partners"). Each partner is carefully vetted at the outset of each Challenge for their capacity to make lasting impact in the communities they serve.