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Bones are universal. Bones are strong. Bones symbolize our common humanity. They are the physical evidence that individuals, people, ever existed. The bone laying is the intersection of art and activism, of education and action, and it will remind us that we belong to each other.

The deadline to make and send in bones was May 15. Thank you for helping us reach our goal of 1,000,000 bones on the National Mall!

The Challenge Toolkit

Download our toolkit for all about how to:

  • Make bones for the Challenge
  • Plan and promote a bone-making school or community event
  • Dive deeper and connect to life in Somalia and the Democratic Republic of Congo

Promotional Tools

D.I.Y. Media Toolkit

We have a number of easy-to-use, customizable resources - including a media advisory and a fact sheet - that you can use to "pitch" a story about your community event to local media outlets. While it’s always smart to reach out to local television stations and print media, don’t forget about blogs, alternative weeklies, neighborhood newsletters, or college newspapers! Our Media Toolkit includes a Media Advisory, a press fact sheet and general fact sheet for event participants, suggestions for interacting with the media, and ideas for spreading word about your event via social media.

Facebook Covers

So you want to raise awareness about your participation in Students Rebuild One Million Bones Challenge? Load this picture as your Facebook cover to help us get the word out!

Click here to download the full size Students Rebuild Facebook cover.


Logos & Buttons - Link to Us!

Use these logos and images on your website and blog! Simply right click and save the images to your computer and post on your blog. Be sure to link to





Promote Your Event


Creating posters and banners is a great way to spread the word and spark interest in your Students Rebuild One Million Bones challenge event. Just open and add text to the Word format poster templates below (or design your own using the Students Rebuild logo).

Click the thumbnails below to download WORD versions of the poster.

Become One in a Million

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