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How to Complete the Hunger Challenge During COVID-19

Leonetta from Students Rebuild

Since school buildings are closed all around the country due to the coronavirus—and many will not welcome students back this school year—we know submitting your art for the Hunger Challenge may be more difficult.

We want to make it easy for you! Here are answers to questions you may have about submitting art and an explanation of changes we’ve made to simplify the process.

We have added new partners that are addressing COVID-19 related hunger in the U.S. Your submissions will now directly provide support to these new partners as well.

Submission deadline has been extended to June 26, 2020. You have a few more weeks to get recipes submitted, or to make more!

All recipes will be matched as double. Recipes submitted through the end of the Challenge will be matched with a $6 donation.

Submission always starts online.  Whether you have digital images or physical recipes to submit, you’ll always start online at www.studentsrebuild.org/submit.

Frequently Asked Questions:

My students have made/are making recipes. How can I get them to you? We’ve been encouraging educators to have students send photos of their art digitally for teachers to submit. If that is too burdensome, teachers can simply submit the number of recipes received and we will count them, even without physical or digital proof of recipes. See the next question for more details.

If I don’t have digital images of the recipes OR physical copies in my possession to submit, can they still be counted? YES! Given the complexities that COVID-19 has brought about, we want to be sure to honor any participation that has happened even if you do not have images to upload or physical art to mail. Simply tally the number of students who participated in the Hunger Challenge and the number of art pieces they have completed. Then, begin the submission process on our website. When you get to the final step of the process, you’ll be asked to select either “upload art” or “mail art”. Select “mail art” and click “confirm submission”. You can ignore the final step of printing your mailing slip. Note: if you select “upload art” you will be forced to upload at least one photo for your submission to be counted.

Can my students directly submit art for our team on their own? Unfortunately, no. Because the submission process requires an email verification, only the person who has access to the email account that was used at registration can submit art. As an alternative, students can tell their teachers how many recipes they completed, and teachers can submit online. If students have access to social media, we encourage them to post them there and share their participation in the Hunger Challenge while tagging @studentsrebuild and #HungerChallenge.

My team made more than 12 recipes but the system says I can only upload 12 digital images. What do I do? You don’t need to upload a photo of each individual recipe for it to count. Some options are:

  1. Select 12 as a representation of your group’s recipe contributions. You are also welcome to upload the rest to your personal gallery, a feature you’ll find on your dashboard.
  2. Submit group shots of recipes.
  3. Go through the submission process multiple times and upload more photos with each instance. Just be sure to not duplicate the number of students involved with each submission.

Still have additional questions about submission? You’ll find many more submission details on our website.

If you have a unique situation or idea to discuss with our team, you can reach us here.