Facing Difference Challenge Submission Form

When your team is ready to send us your portraits, submission is simple. You can submit your art to us by mailing us a package with your original art (we love this!) or you can also digitally submit your art to us by sending us a photo(s) or your creations. If sending your package by postal mail is too expensive, a digital submission is a great option.

For mailing or digital submission, please start by filling out the form below. This new process helps us gather the information we need to make sure your submission gets attributed to the right team. This should take less than 1 minute!

Once we receive your portraits; digitally or by mail, we’ll ensure they’re counted and each matched with $3.00—up to $600K—to fund peace-building programs by CARE and Search for Common Ground.

If you have any issues with your submission form, please contact us at info@studentsrebuild.org.

Mailing in portraits

After filling out your submission form above, click to print a mailing slip that can be included in your package. If you don’t have access to a printer, write down the information on a piece of paper to include with your package.

Place the slip in the package and mail it postmarked by May 4th 2018:

Students Rebuild
2400 1st Ave South #336
Seattle, WA 98134

Digital submission

After filling out your submission form above, email photos of your art along with your final submission information at info@studentsrebuild.org.

Participation Certificate

Have you made and mailed your self-portraits in already? Congratulations! Download your participation certificate here.

Thank you for taking the Facing Difference Challenge!