Facebook What ONE thing will YOU do for the Ocean?

What ONE thing will YOU do for the Ocean?

Students Rebuild Team

From World Water Day on March 22nd to Earth Day on April 22nd we are hosting our Spring Campaign!

This year’s campaign has two exciting parts: 1. Share the ONE thing you will commit to doing for the ocean! We’re sharing a new graphic each week of the campaign on social media asking what you’ll do. Each like, share/repost, or comment on these graphics will be matched with a $1 donation from the Bezos Family Foundation supporting our ocean conservation partners. Don’t forget to tag @studentsrebuild in your share or repost so we can see it!

  1. Every sea creature that is submitted to the Ocean Challenge during this period will count as double! That means each sea creature will generate $4 in support of ocean conservation and programs supporting youth in coastal communities!

Wondering what ONE thing you might commit to doing for our ocean? Here are some inspiring commitments from the Students Rebuild team:

  • Melissa will use reusable bags when shopping.
  • Jess is declining all single-use straws and is bringing her own reusable straw with her.
  • Elyse is committed to working with community organizations doing conservation work.
  • Taylor is considering sustainable seafood when grocery shopping and eating out.
  • Valerie is hosting a beach clean-up for her friends.
  • Leonetta is trying to get reduce her use of single-use plastic containers and zipper bags.
  • Kasey plans to use public transportation more and reduce her carbon footprint.
  • Chris plans to use his voice to inform his community about the threats facing the ocean.

What will YOU do? Below are links to articles with even more ideas and inspiration:

We looking forward to seeing your pledges on social media, and to doubling the impact of your sea creatures during our campaign!