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Peace First Challenge

Dalia Ezzat

As a proud beneficiary partner of the Students Rebuild Changemaker Challenge, Peace First supports young people ages 13-25 to take social action by providing free digital tools, mentors, funding, and global connections to support youth-led social change.

Young people have always led transformative efforts to change the world for the better. This moment in time is no different. Whether it is leading the #BlackLivesMatter movement or helping communities navigate the devastating social impacts of COVID-19, young people, while front and center, need support to lead change.

The Peace First Challenge, designed by young people for young people, is a global call to action for youth to turn the page from broken systems and walls of exclusion to compassion, inclusion, and justice. We partner with schools and community organizations to reach young people - especially those on the margins - to deliver the following no-cost supports:

  • Peace First Labs (in-person and virtual engagements) are led by our Fellows-in-Residence team of youth under the age of 25 and located in every region of the globe. They introduce students to opportunities to start social change projects.
  • Using our always-on digital platform, youth create projects by engaging in a step-by-step guided training (available in English, Arabic, and Spanish) to create social change projects that are brought to life with:
    • Non-Competitive Funding of $250 is provided after a project plan is completed.
    • Mentors (Fellows-in-Residence) provide tailored feedback and direct support to every single young person on our platform.
    • A global community of young people where they can research projects to connect with, learn from, and partner with thousands of other youth leaders. We host an array of virtual events to engage young people on issues that are important to them and help them to make lasting connections with other leaders.

One shining example is Makayla, 17, who, after losing her grandfather to COVID-19, felt helpless. As founder of Revolution Now, a multi-media organization that provides young people with resources to take action, she wanted to use her platform to empower herself and others. With a $250 mini-grant and mentoring, Makayla launched a global podcast - *Staying Connected During COVID-19 *- featuring the hardships and hopeful actions of youth making their communities better during the pandemic.

“I have learned that I am capable of accomplishing great things during the hardest of times and the importance of rising up to the challenge. Peace First swooped in at a time where I needed additional support and they provided it! I honestly don’t know if this podcast would have been possible without Peace First. Not only has the organization provided me with funding, but I have always felt supported by the Peace First community.”

Peace First has helped over 6000 youth across 128 countries start and implement a social change project that addresses an injustice in their community. If you believe in the power of young people to change the world, and know a young person who wants to do something about injustice and needs support and resources to take action, direct them to peacefirst.org.