Facebook Boating on the Kenyan Coast and Planting Mangroves in Mozambique and with Eden Reforestation Projects
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Boating on the Kenyan Coast and Planting Mangroves in Mozambique and with Eden Reforestation Projects

Shaffi’s Journey from Mangrove Planter to Boat Captain in Tudor Creek

Through partnerships with local communities, Eden restores ecosystems, mitigates the effects of climate change, and strengthens community resilience for decades to come.

In Kenya, Eden’s operations span diverse regions ranging from Afromontane Forest to mangroves, including Tudor Creek, in Mombasa — Kenya’s second-largest city, which serves as a gateway to East Africa.

Tudor Creek is a tidal creek that flows into the Indian Ocean. It is home to mangrove forests, providing a habitat for various species and protecting coastlines from erosion and storms. Shaffi Yussuf Shafi is part of Eden’s team at Tudor Creek.

Shaffi’s career with Eden began in June 2020 when he joined the team at one of the sites in Lamu. located along the Kenyan coast. Here, he was initially tasked with planting mangroves. Over time, Shaffi’s expertise and training in steering boats led him to transition to Assistant Boat Captain. In this role, he helped transport the team to a ship to planting sites in the creeks.

Shaffi advanced to become the Boat Captain as the project expanded to the Tudor Creek region. His main role is to steer the boat through the ever-changing tides and shifting sand banks while ensuring the safety of his team and equipment to and from Tudor Creek. In this role, Shaffi continues to expand his skill set, including liaising with the Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning, and Accountability team to monitor mangrove growth.

For Shaffi, the project brought more than employment and financial stability; it offered a sense of purpose and belonging. “I appreciate having a source of income from a cause I am passionate about. I also have medical insurance. It comforts me that my health is well taken care of,” says Shaffi.

Shaffi’s impact transcends personal achievements by supporting environmental and community resilience throughout Tudor Creek and beyond. “We are witnessing significant biodiversity growth in the area. For instance, local fishermen have observed a surge in their catches in recent years,” Beverly Amoit, Eden’s Tudor Creek Superintendent, asserts.

Beverly Amoit adds that the team’s involvement has been instrumental in shaping the community’s perception of environmental conservation. Through education, collaboration, and hands-on participation in restoration, they have instilled a sense of ownership and responsibility among community members, reducing the likelihood of further mangrove degradation.

“Additionally, collaborative initiatives with local organizations and government bodies have strengthened ties within the community, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose,” she says in closing.

Through the support and contributions of Students Rebuild, the Eden team says are all coming together to restore and conserve Tudor Creak for the long-term well-being of people and the planet.

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Planting Mangroves in Mozambique with Ester Salvador Valoi

Eden Reforestation Projects also collaborates with local community members across Africa, Asia, and Latin America to restore ecosystems and strengthen community resilience.

Through Students Rebuild's support in the Extraordinary Earth Project, Eden can employ local community members, restore ecosystems, plant new trees, and facilitate sustainable livelihood options in Mozambique. Ester Salvador Valoi’s story exemplifies the transformational impact art submitted in the Extraordinary Earth Project.

Ester Salvador Valoi is from Boane, in Maputo province, Mozambique.

Before working with Eden, Ester supported her family by farming, giving her a background in regional planting techniques. When Eden opened the Mahubo Mangrove site in December 2021, Ester was one of the individuals hired to plant mangrove trees along the coast. She stated that despite knowing only some details about the planting position, she embraced the opportunity.

“I didn’t know the work... I heard they were calling people to plant mangroves with a guaranteed salary, so I accepted,“ said Ester.

Since joining Eden’s team, Ester has begun building a house and started a small business selling basic goods in her neighborhood. She also ensures her children receive a consistent education with her wages.

Eden's teams are restoring landscapes and strengthening community resilience. They are working towards the vision of a world where communities thrive in healthy and restored environments for decades to come.