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We are halfway through the Ocean Challenge!

Students Rebuild Team

Since we have crossed the halfway mark of our Ocean Challenge, we’re excited to give you a few updates on the work our incredible community has accomplished together! Here are a few fun facts:

• We’re 7% of the way to our goal in raising funds for ocean conservation projects and coastal communities! Some funded projects have already begun, like restoring corals in The Bahamas and teaching coastal youth about conservation in Montserrat!

768 teams have currently registered for the Challenge with new teams joining nearly every day. Help us continue to grow by spreading the word about the Ocean Challenge!

17,537 pieces of student made-art have already been submitted. Everything from 3-foot narwhals, sea turtles made out of recycled CD’s, painted sea-scenes, papier-mâché jellyfish, and everything in between!

45 states have teams participating in the Challenge. Help us spread the word to get to the final 5 states: Alaska, Arkansas, Mississippi, South Dakota, and Wyoming!

32 countries have joined the Challenge. We’re truly a global community with teams in every part of the world from Kenya to China to Honduras!

80+ teams representing nearly 10,000 youth have already submitted art to raise funds. There is still plenty of time to make and submit art before our deadline on June 8, 2019—World Oceans Day!

Over 100 teams have uploaded team photos. Click around on our interactive map to see what other teams around the country and world are creating!

• It’s almost time… We’ve secured a partner and site for our 2019 art culmination exhibit and will be sharing the news soon! This is where we take art from all the packages you’ve mailed to us and work with an artist to create a large and impactful visual display—your art for the Ocean Challenge will continue to make waves in this special exhibit. Be sure to follow us on social or subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news!

We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished together in the first half of the Challenge, but we still have a long way to go to meet our goals of supporting ocean conservation and coastal communities.

Register for the Ocean Challenge today!