Facebook Creating Art for Change Across Africa
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Creating Art for Change Across Africa

20 young people from 15 countries expand our global reach creating art to create change.

by Maged Hassan

In the final weeks of 2022, a Students Rebuild volunteer and Bezos Scholar alumnus Maged Hassan partnered with Students Rebuild to propose a new initiative in Africa aimed at encouraging high school students to become involved in the Welcoming Refugee Project with events in their communities and to help raise awareness about the Challenge. After reaching out to the high school from which he graduated, 20 students eagerly signed up to become Students Rebuild Ambassadors. This cohort is made up from students from different countries throughout Africa who gathered at the African Leadership Academy in Johannesburg.

Training was conducted entirely online, with the ambassadors receiving step-by-step instructions on how to run their own events and promote the Students Rebuild cause in their communities.

During the holiday break in December, the ambassadors returned to their respective countries and cities (15 countries and 20 cities), where they set about organizing and running their own events. Some chose to hold events at their previous high schools, while others hosted events at worship houses such as churches and mosques. The goal was to reach as many individuals as possible and share with them the importance of the Students Rebuild Challenge.

Art Crearting

The experiences of the ambassadors were varied, and each had their own unique memories and favorite collection of postcards to share. Some ambassadors organized large-scale events, while others focused on smaller, more intimate gatherings. But all were united in their commitment to the Students Rebuild cause and their desire to make a positive impact in their communities.

Some of the ambassadors decided to make a video of their own event, including Saratou from Niger and Dawit Kibebew from Ethiopia.

The Students Rebuild Ambassadors Program was a resounding success, with each ambassador making a meaningful contribution to the Students Rebuild in their own unique way. We’re grateful for the dedication and enthusiasm of these young people and look forward to seeing the positive impact they will continue to make in their communities and beyond!

View collected photos from several events: