Facebook Choose Love Partner Karam is Teaching Students to Use Robots to Achieve Sustainability
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Choose Love Partner Karam is Teaching Students to Use Robots to Achieve Sustainability

One Way the Extraordinary Earth Project Is Fueling Innovation

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Students Rebuild partner Choose Love has an incredible network of ten frontline community-based organizations that are receiving funds through support from the Bezos Family Foundation and are participating in this year’s Students Rebuild Extraordinary Earth Project. From innovative infrastructure projects that aid displaced communities in accessing sustainable energy sources within refugee camps to educational initiatives in schools along the US/Mexico border and engaging children on the move with dynamic programs about the effects of climate change, the impact of this program extends far and wide.

One such project is the Karam Foundation, a long-term partner of Choose Love in Turkey, where Syrians can connect, learn and thrive. It is more than a safe space for young refugees and their families. The Syrian-run nonprofit organization is on a mission to build a better future for the children it supports. Dedicated to helping people help themselves, they seek to restore the dignity and quality of life for people by eliminating barriers to success through innovative education, sustainable development and community-driven aid. Karam’s programs work to engage and inspire young minds, heal the trauma of war and cultivate bright, confident futures.

Karam House is a hub for innovation and community, offering hope and celebrating culture and identity while hosting cutting-edge workshops and studios where students can nurture their creativity, critical thinking and teamwork skills. Graduates go on to become community organizers, entrepreneurs, teachers, designers, journalists, artists and engineers. They are changemakers, dream chasers and future leaders.

The funding received from Choose Love is supporting Karam to deliver the implementation of two innovative education studios educating 42 young people aged 13 to 18 about climate change and climate displacement. Students are learning the fundamentals of energy, mechanics and electronics. They are encouraged to think in a new way about how to use technology—including robotics—to contribute to achieving sustainability and environmental restoration. The students are developing the following amazing projects:

  • A Sailing Boat Robot using solar and wind energy to reduce environmental pollution from toxic gases and global warming in the atmosphere.
  • An Oil Detector Robot detecting oil pollution in seas and oceans and working on solar energy.
  • Robots for Agriculture used for soil analysis, saving soil from drought and collecting data about the soil.
  • A Waste Sorting Robot to sort waste in order to preserve the environment.
  • An Environmentally Friendly Robot to clean the surface of seas and rivers.
  • A Poaching Robot to save animals from extinction.

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These robots were created using the engineering drawing program Rhino. Wood was cut with a laser cutter, and electronics were added using Arduino programming, which works on renewable and alternative energy to preserve the environment. Through this experience, students gained a deep understanding of technology and the environment and acquired new skills in creative thinking and problem-solving. This experience also provided young people with the opportunity to contribute to building a better and more environmentally sustainable future.