About the Ocean Challenge

The ocean sustains us. It's time to return the favor.

All living things depend on the ocean--for oxygen, food, a stable climate, and more. But warming temperatures, overfishing, and pollution are negatively affecting ocean waters and marine life, and those effects will touch all of us worldwide--unless we act quickly.

You can help turn the tide.

First, learn about the threats facing the ocean. Second, create a sea creature from paper and consider one thing you can do personally to help protect the ocean. Then send your art to us. For every piece of art we receive, the Bezos Family Foundation will donate funding to educate and train a new generation of citizen-conservationists who can help bring our ocean back to health.

Youth supporting youth.

The donations your art generates will fund youth-focused, science-based programs in partnership with The Nature Conservancy and Ocean Collectiv. Young people will gain valuable education and practical job skills as they monitor and evaluate local waters and help restore endangered coral reefs. We expect the programs to engage more than 3,500 coastal youth. 

Check out all of the teams currently taking the Ocean Challenge on the map below! (Click the map to enlarge):

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