The Hunger Challenge Cookbook!

Valerie from Students Rebuild

This year, we’re compiling a selection of student recipes into a fun, creative cooking magazine!

We’re received so many recipes throughout the Hunger Challenge – everything from pickle rolls to unicorn smores; pasta to pizza; Aji de Gallina to Jollof rice – and of course, all of your recipes for kindness, friendship, and building strong communities.

This June 30th, all teams registered for the Hunger Challenge will receive a brief survey asking for details about your experience (whether you completed the Challenge or not!) In the survey, you’ll be able to opt into receiving the cookbook and submitting your mailing address.

More than 100 recipes will be shared in the printed magazine, and even more of your great food art will be included throughout the publication. We’ll also have a digital version you can share for viewing and downloading – which will include even more recipes than the print version.

Be on the lookout later this summer for the survey and completed magazine. We’re excited to celebrate and share so much of your incredible work—and hope you’ll re-create some of the delicious recipes students have made, then report back on your favorites!

We can’t wait to share so much student creativity and thoughtfulness with you.

Thank you for being a part of Students Rebuild!