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Introducing the Hunger Challenge Cookbook

Dear Students Rebuild Community,

We are THRILLED to share the Students Rebuild Hunger Challenge Cookbook with you!

The recipes in this cookbook were created as a labor of love, thoughtfulness, and meaning from students globally who participated in the Hunger Challenge that ended in June 2020. You’ll see family recipes that represent many cultures, favorite foods young people love to share, and recipes for social change and character strength that will make you happy to be a human.

As you know, about halfway through the Hunger Challenge, in March 2020, our global community was tested. The pandemic brought on by COVID-19 began – and continues to affect the globe. In the U.S. schools were closed, distance learning was in effect, and people everywhere continued trying to keep each other safe while transitioning through upheaval.

While we were not able to celebrate the finally of the Hunger Challenge as planned, publishing this delightful cookbook was the best way to honor the contributions of our participating teams and also hightlight our incredible partners.

Not only will you find recipes inside, but also fun facts, games, and other delightful surprises!

We hope you enjoy these delicious and fun recipes, try them at home, share them safely, and smile when you think of where, why, and how they were created. We also hope you take a moment to think of those who are still facing food insecurity, and how you could continue to support them in ways big and small – even though the Hunger Challenge is over.

Let us know on social media if you decide to make something from the cookbook tagging @studentsrebuild! We’d love to see what you create!

With elbow bumps and high fives from all of us at Students Rebuild!