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Introducing the 2019-2020 Hunger Challenge!

Leonetta Elaiho


Today, we are excited to announce the launch of our 2019-2020 Hunger Challenge! This year, we are inviting students worldwide to address hunger and malnutrition in their own communities and all over the world.

We all have a connection to food—whether we plant, buy, cook, serve, or simply eat. For some of us, that connection is filled with good memories; the smell of a BBQ at a family gathering, your grandma’s famous biscuits served with jam, or the feeling of biting into a ripe strawberry in summer. Often the greatest memories of our lives include food prepared and shared with love.

That’s the experience of food that some can relate to, but far too many cannot. In our world today, one in nine people are suffering from hunger (and one in five in the United States)!

The causes of hunger are many: the devastating impacts of poverty, the effect of climate change on agricultural stability, conflict making food inaccessible and unaffordable for communities, and the lack of access to healthy and fresh foods. This problem is huge and the solutions needed are broad.

That’s why this year we’re inviting students everywhere to address hunger all around the world—including right in their own backyard. We know young people have the ingredients to cook up broad-reaching and diverse solutions for our world’s most pressing problems. We’ve seen it through the last 10 years of Students Rebuild. This year will be no different. Student effort will fuel support to help meet the needs of children within conflict zones who face devastating nutritional decline, provide healthy and accessible meals at school, and back community-based solutions throughout the U.S.

We hope you join us for another adventure in meaningful global learning and impact. Together let’s prepare the table for change!

Leonetta Elaiho Manager, Students Rebuild