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DonorsChoose and Students Rebuild are making change in classrooms across the U.S.


Students Rebuild is thrilled to partner with DonorsChoose for the 2021 Changemaker Challenge. Student efforts through our Challenge will release $200,000 directly into the classrooms of educators making a change in the daily lives of students.

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Check out some of the projects that have already been funded through student participation in the Changemaker Challenge. This page will continue to grow over the next few months so continue to check back!

Unfamiliar with DonorsChoose and their innovative model? Here is some of the background to this incredible organization:

Charles Best, founder of DonorsChoose, began his career as a high school history teacher in the Bronx. Like countless other teachers across America, he and his colleagues regularly spent hundreds of dollars every year to purchase books, art supplies, and other materials for their classrooms. He thought there might be people who’d want to help, if they could see where their money was going. In 2000, he founded DonorsChoose as a way to connect individuals with classrooms in need.

DonorsChoose makes it easy for any individual to address this inequity, one classroom at a time. You choose a project that moves you, and then hear back from the classroom with photos and updates. DonorsChoose validates the project request and purchases the resources for the teacher, so integrity is guaranteed. This simple and innovative non-profit just celebrated 20 years of impact and was also the first charity named to Fast Company’s 50 Most Innovative Companies in the World.

Growing impact each day, DonorsChoose’s impact includes: • 1,864,208 projects funded • 627,558 teachers with projects funded • $1,061,868,205 dollars raised • 4,687,056 supporters • 85,209 schools served across the United States

Participate in the Changemaker Challenge and provide support to DonorsChoose and our other amazing partners now through June 5, 2021.