Announcing the Students Rebuild World Needs Challenge!

Students Rebuild Team

We are excited to welcome you to join the 2022 World Needs Challenge!

While many schools are reopening—and many communal parts of our lives are resuming—this moment represents an opportunity for a ‘new normal’ that addresses some of the critical needs we have seen exasperated during the pandemic.

When we want to turn to someone to help create something, young people are often the right answer for us here at Students Rebuild. Young people have always played a key role in imagining, advocating and creating new realities and paradigms. Unperturbed by the defeats and setbacks of the past, they are inherently asset-based and positive. Their optimism and ability to see a future better than our present has always been our inspiration.

This year, in a time like no other in our generation, we are taking on the biggest set of issues and asking questions that young people are uniquely positioned to answer:

What does the world need now? What should be done to meet this moment and opportunity to ‘rebuild’ better and more equitably than what existed before?

This year’s World Needs Challenge was created with the breadth of possibilities to these inquiries in mind. Young people all around the world will engage in the art-ivism (art-based activism) they usually do through our challenges, but will have the choice this year to focus on what issues matter most to them. We’ve selected five major issues to highlight and support, but students and educators can also forge their own path.

We’re excited to partner with seven amazing organizations this year! You can learn more about them here. We also have great new resources including youth-produced and developed learning content that can all be explored here. And read our press release here.

Join the World Needs Challenge today!