Meet the Students Rebuild Team

Leonetta Elaiho, Manager of Students Rebuild

Leonetta gets to work with an amazing team to ensure all elements of the Students Rebuild program come together to deliver an awesome experience for partners and young people all around the world.

Five words Leonetta uses to describe herself: hopeful, creative, idealistic, justice-oriented, taco-lover.

What is Leonetta’s favorite part of Students Rebuild? “I think one of the best elements of Students Rebuild is its ability to build empathy and deeper understanding by connecting young people from different parts of the world through story-telling and webcasts. I also love that any young person anywhere in the world can participate and make a difference by simply using their hands and creativity.”


Jess Estrada, Digital Media Manager

Jess is the digital force behind Students Rebuild, ensuring that our digital channels are always updated with the latest on Students Rebuild.

Five words that Jess uses to describe herself: action-oriented, optimistic, service-minded, resourceful, (Harry) Potterhead.

What is Jess’ favorite part of Students Rebuild? "Seeing the impact when groups of people come together to create art and discuss world issues."


Valerie Sloane, Program Associate

Valerie helps bring a creative, arts-centric lens to our work and helps coordinate all things Students Rebuild. She also works with students created items and international artists to tell a larger story of impact.

Five words Valerie uses to describe herself: grateful, intuitive, thoughtful, creative, kid-whisperer.

What is Valerie’s favorite part of Students Rebuild? "Working on a program which helps illustrate that many small and thoughtful contributions can make a big, positive difference—on a global scale. Breaking down the barriers of the ‘other’ for young people and connecting them as peers across distance and culture. Also, seeing all the great projects that teams send in!"


Kasey Weiss, Project Associate

Kasey is the keeper of our database—which houses all our registration data and enables us to update the Students Rebuild team map! She supports our operations and helps ensure our systems are up and running.

Five words Kasey uses to describe herself: creative, empathetic, problem-solver, board game enthusiast, mac and cheese connoisseur.

What is Kasey’s favorite part of Students Rebuild? "I love seeing the bridges being built by diverse communities of young people working together for a common goal."


Melissa Johnson, Digital Media Coordinator

Melissa is the face behind all of Students Rebuild's social media channels. Say hello on our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

Five words Melissa uses to describe herself: Creative, social media enthusiast, crafter, and dinosaur lover.

What is Melissa’s favorite part of Students Rebuild? I love seeing the artwork created and how passionate the teams are in creating a positive change for their fellow youth around the world.