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We know you’re busy. That’s why we’ve created the free resources below to help you easily teach this year’s challenge in almost any setting, from one class period to a full year. These resources cover the essentials and will get your students well on their way to learning, connection, and making a difference.

An important part of all of our Challenges is to create opportunities for student learning in three ways; learning about self, learning about others, and learning about root causes of an issue. Each year we curate and create different resources that help you do just that!

Explore and choose to engage these resources as makes sense for your team. Feel free create your own resources and to adapt the information to the learning goals of your classroom or program.

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Teaching Guides

Lessons & Videos

Meet Veta

Students Rebuild and Global Nomads Group are excited to introduce you to Veta—a native of the island of Montserrat, a tiny yet beautiful island in the Caribbean. Veta shares her vision for a healthy ocean and the mission of her youth program, Fish 'N Fins, which prepares youth to care for and protect the ocean.

Classroom discussion and activity guides related to this video are available for Upper Elementary and Middle/High School.

Meet Hannah

We are also excited to introduce you to Hannah—a teen in Cumming, GA who strives to motivate her peers, local politicians, and businesses to advocate for the ocean by reducing plastic pollution.

Classroom discussion and activity guides related to this video are available for Upper Elementary and Middle/High School.


Promotional Materials