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Photo provided by International Rescue Committee

Spread the word--you're part of a worldwide movement to help young Syrian refugees!

This Students Rebuild Healing Classrooms Challenge Free Resources page has tools to help you deepen your understanding of the Syrian conflict, help you connect to young Syrians who are beneficiaries of the Challenge and inspire your team to understand why they're making pinwheels. This page also includes ready-to-use tools you can customize to help you spread the word, host a pinwheel-making party and more. Check out our Challenge Toolkit, Pinwheel Template, Lesson Resources, media advisory template, Healing Classrooms Challenge fact sheet, Students Rebuild general fact sheet, Facebook covers, sample Facebook posts and Tweets, videos, photos, and poster / flyer templates.

Healing Classrooms Challenge Toolkit

Our Toolkit is your comprehensive guide with details about the Challenge, step-by-step instructions on how to make pinwheels and three pinwheel templates, a detailed guide to hosting a pinwheel-making event and much more. Review it online or feel free to print out a copy!

Pinwheel Template

Our Template provides step-by-step instructions for how to make pinwheels and includes three pinwheel templates. Review it online or print it out and use it at your pinwheel-making events!

Lesson Resources / Curriculum

The Students Rebuild Healing Classrooms lesson resources include links and a brief overview of several educational resources that we have curated for this Challenge. We encourage you to pick and choose from these lessons as way to help your students understand the interconnected issues at play in the Syrian conflict and connect in a meaningful way to the experience of their Syrian peers. Adapt the information we recommend to be developmentally appropriate for your classroom or aligned with your discipline and learning goals. Let your students use this learning to fuel their creativity and thoughtfulness as they make pinwheels for the Healing Classrooms Challenge—and participate fully in Students Rebuild.  

Media Advisory

Are you planning a pinwheel-making event that’s open to the public? Consider reaching out to the media! Many communities are looking for a way to support children caught in the Syrian crisis. Your event could be a great way to raise awareness about the issue of conflict and peace—both internationally and within your own community. You can fill out our media advisory template with your event information and send it to local media outlets and community calendars. While it’s always smart to reach out to local television stations and print media, don’t forget about reaching out to bloggers, alternative weeklies, neighborhood newsletters and college newspapers, too.

Fact Sheets

Download our Students Rebuild Healing Classrooms Challenge fact sheet or Students Rebuild general fact sheet so you can have details at your fingertips about the current Challenge and the overall Students Rebuild program. You can print these double-sided and use them as handouts or email them to others and spread the word!

Social Media

Promote your pinwheel-making event or let friends know you’re taking the Healing Classrooms Challenge through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other channels. Send personal messages to share what you’re doing and why. Feel free to download these Facebook Cover Photos and use these sample messages:

Sample Facebook Posts

  • Make & main in pinwheels and @StudentsRebuild will donate up to $400K to @theIRC Healing Classrooms Program. How many children can you help us reach? Register for the Healing Classrooms Challenge today! http://www.studentsrebuild.org #SRSyria
  • This school year, the @StudentsRebuild Healing Classrooms Challenge will support learning and well-being for Syrian children. Every pinwheel you make will generate $2—up to $400K—for the @theIRC Healing Classrooms Program. Sign up today! http://bit.ly/SRSyria #SRSyria

Sample Tweets

  • Take the @StudentsRebuild Challenge for Syrian youth, make pinwheels & raise $ for @theIRC http://studentsrebuild.org #SRSyria
  • Join @theIRC @Global_Nomads & @StudentsRebuild Healing Classrooms Challenge! Every pinwheel = $2 to help kids! http://bit.ly/SRSyria
  •  A creative way to help! Take @StudentsRebuild Challenge, make pinwheels & raise $ for @theIRC http://studentsrebuild.org #SRSyria
  • Love this! Make & send pinwheels, raise $ for @theIRC through @StudentsRebuild Challenge: http://studentsrebuild.org #SRSyria


Visit the Students Rebuild YouTube channel for instructional and inspirational Healing Classrooms Challenge videos. You'll find our How to Make a Pinwheel video now; early in 2016, we'll add more brief videos filmed in Lebanon about beneficiaries of the Challenge; these videos will be produced by Challenge partners, Global Nomads Group and International Rescue Committee and will offer educational content and personal stories to further build empathy and understanding between the Challenge participants and children who will be helped by the Healing Classrooms program. You’ll learn more about the Healing Classrooms approach, beneficiaries of the program, the scale of displacement from Syria and the experiences of the children and families forced to flee their homes due to conflict. Feel free to share these videos before or during a pinwheel-making event—or at any time.


Visit the Healing Classrooms Challenge photo gallery to see photos related to the International Rescue Committee’s Healing Classrooms program. Throughout the school year, we’ll continue to add Challenge-related photos.

Poster / Flyer Templates

Download these handy templates, available in Microsoft Word format so you can customize them and print them out in various sizes. Use them for invites to your pinwheel party or as a flyer or poster to advertise your event!

Download Poster 1

Download Poster 2

Download Poster 3

Download Poster 4