Interactive Programs

Being part of Students Rebuild Challenges means connecting with your peers across the world. For the Haiti Challenge, we developed resources to bring a year's worth of interaction and education to participating teams on the culture and context surrounding reconstruction following Haiti's devastating 2010 earthquake. These resources include:

Haiti Curriculum

"Life from the Field" was designed to help Challenge teams foster meaningful connections with their Haitian peers. Through this lesson plan, secondary students can learn about current social issues, hot topics and the impact on everyday lives. Lessons are split into four modules, intended to be interdisciplinary and experiential to complement your school's existing curriculum. 

  1. Introduction to Haiti - Student Cultural Exchange
  2. Education in Haiti
  3. Understanding School Reconstruction in Haiti - A Process in the Making
  4. Haiti Today - The Way Forward

Download the Haiti Curriculum "Live from the Field," available in English [PDF], French [PDF] and Haitian Creole [PDF]. 


Interactive Videoconferences

North American and European students met with Haitian peers whose schools had been destroyed by the 2010 earthquake. Students came away from the videoconferences with a reinforced understanding of the complexity around rebuilding after disaster, international aid and the empowering realization that they can make a difference helping peers rebuild their lives.

Session 1: Student Cultural Exchange (7:08)
Students from Elie Dubois and Baptiste Bon Berger (two schools reconstructed during the Haiti Challenge) met with their peers overseas. Conversations focused on sharing one's values, cultures and interests in relation to the greater Students Rebuild project.


Session 2: Emergency Education (4:29)
Students cross-analyzed how emergency, post-catastrophe and conflict education was taught in their respective communities.


Session 3 - February 2011: Understanding School Reconstruction in Haiti (5:25)
A representative of Architecture for Humanity walked the students through design plans for reconstructing the four schools benefiting from the Haiti Challenge. 


Session 4 - May 2011: Haiti Today: The Way Forward (3:15)
Students learned about life in present-day Haiti from peers living in post-earthquake areas, discussing ongoing challenges and opportunities, the political situation in Haiti (pre- and post-earthquake) and Haitian youth culture.



Webcasts from Port-au-Prince

See how funds from the Haiti Challenge helped Architecture for Humanity reconstruct schools in Haiti, from Architecture for Humanity staff, Haitian and much more:

Spring 2010: Introduction to Haiti (4:58)
Students and relief workers share their stories of the earthquake. (Original webcast held March 26, 2010 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.)


Fall 2010: Introduction to École Elie Dubois (unabridged - 54:47)
In this video of a live webcast from Port-au-Prince, glimpse life in Haiti through student stories, learn about Architecture for Humanity's plans to rebuild Haitian schools and meet the crew of Tele Ghetto Haiti, a trio of talented youth with a mission to share the story of the Haitian ghetto to the world.


February 2011: Stories of Haiti's Youth (unabridged, 1:01:55)
This webcast features stories of Haitian youth, Schendy Kernizan and Stacey McMahan from Architecture for Humanity walk us through the process of school reconstruction in Haiti and we speak with young media pioneers of Tele Ghetto Haiti.