Support Tools

In addition to our learning resources, here you'll find support tools to help enhance and customize your Facing Difference Challenge experience. All of these resources are free to download anytime! 

Quick Start Guide

Ready to dive in and take the Facing Difference Challenge? Your Quick Start checklist can be found below:

Leader's Guide

Your Leader's Guide includes everything you need to know about participating in the Facing Difference Challenge!

Engagement Roadmaps

While you can always customize your engagement to meet your team’s needs, if you are new to Students Rebuild, or just looking for some guidance about how to approach the Challenge with your team, we have created the following roadmaps to help.

How much time do you have? What type of Challenge experience do you want to have with your team? Your answer should help you find the right format for your Challenge. Follow the links to the roadmap that best fits your needs!

Challenge Overview

This one-page overview can be shared with other colleagues or friends who might be interested in learning about the Challenge.

Student Overview

This one-page overview can be given to students as a handout explaining the impact they’ll have throughout this Challenge.


Need a poster to promote your participation in the Facing Difference Challenge, or an upcoming portrait-making event? Download one below:

Download Poster 1

Download Poster 2

Fact Sheet

Need a simple, easy-to-read document about Students Rebuild? Use our downloadable Fact Sheet!


Head to our YouTube playlist for all videos related to the Facing Difference Challenge, including an About the Challenge video and a video on making self-portraits.


Want to see the beautiful art work of participating teams in action? Visit our Facebook page for the most updated photo albums.

Social Media Images

Want to share about the Challenge to your social media audiences? Follow the links below, right click, and save to share using the links below:

Participation Certificate

Did you make and mail in hand art for the Facing Difference Challenge? Congratulations!

Thank you for taking the Facing Difference Challenge!