Challenge Partners

This year, students participating in the Facing Difference Challenge will support three great programs in NigeriaSri Lanka, and the South Caucasus region. All the programs are working to help young people overcome conflict and tension related to difference and to build peace. Learn about the projects, run by CARE and Search for Common Ground, below.

Challenge Partners

CARE works in 94 countries around the globe to save lives, defeat poverty, and achieve social justice.

CARE is joining Students Rebuild as a Challenge partner for the second time; first partnering with us in 2013 for the One Million Bones Challenge. CARE is a global organization that has lead life changing programs for over 70 years.

CARE supported projects: 

Sri Lanka: After a 30-year civil war, there is a need in Sri Lanka to help youth from post-war communities move past the divisions that remain between different religious and ethnic groups. This Challenge will enable CARE to bring together boys and girls who are separated by ethnicity and geography to participate in the YOUth Create program where performing and visual arts are used to heal post-war divisions, promote diversity, and build understanding. You can watch a video about this project here.

South Caucasus: In the South Caucasus region of Eastern Europe, CARE is working to build understanding amongst youth that are living in communities with a long history of conflict and civil war. Through this Challenge, CARE will create community youth clubs and youth conferences where boys and girls from different ethnic backgrounds will have the opportunity to learn from one another and cross lines of division. Youth will also be able to receive small scale grants for peacebuilding initiatives in their neighborhoods.


Search for Common Ground works to end violent conflict before, during, and after a crisis. They work with all sides to transform destructive conflict into collaborative problem-solving and meaningful action.

Search for Common Ground has pioneered constructive ways to end violent conflict and enable cooperation in communities around the world for over 30 years. We are grateful to partner with them for the first time during the Facing Difference Challenge.

Search for Common Ground supported project:

Nigeria: For the last decade in Nigeria’s Plateau State, violent clashes between Muslims and Christians have led to deep divisions and have claimed thousands of lives. The Naija Youth Unite project will bring together Christian and Muslim boys and girls from this region, training them in leadership and discovering non-violent alternatives to resolving conflict. The camps will foster camaraderie through fun activities and empower the youth to organize peace projects in their own communities, together. You can watch a video about this project here.

Program Partners

Global Nomads Group (GNG) fosters dialogue and understanding among the world's youth. By leveraging technology, GNG enables connections between middle and high school students to build a generation of global citizens who are empathetic, aware, and inspired to take action. 

We are also grateful to be partnering for the 7th year with Global Nomads Group to help enrich the learning and connection between students throughout the Challenge. GNG will leverage innovative technology and story-telling to create resources (VR curriculum, videos, and lessons) and engagement opportunities (webcasts) to support student learning throughout the Challenge.

At the Buck Institute for Education (BIE), their highest priority is to help teachers prepare students for successful lives. They do this by showing teachers how to use Project Based Learning in all grade levels and subject areas. As a mission-driven nonprofit organization, BIE creates, gathers, and shares high-quality PBL instructional practices and products and provides highly effective services to teachers, schools, and districts.

For teachers, BIE offers professional development on how to design, assess, and manage projects that engage and motivate students. For schools, BIE helps bring coherence to PBL practices across grade levels and subject areas, and supports the creation of school-wide processes and structures to support PBL. For districts, BIE offers unrivaled service and expertise in creating and sustaining district-wide PBL initiatives. The exponential increase in demand for its services and products speak to BIE’s ability to help educators around the world provide a better education for all students.

BIE 25th Anniversary