Haiti Schools Update

Posted by Karl Johnson on
Thu, 01/22/2015
Hello Students Rebuild - greetings from Oakland! You may have heard that January 12, 2015 , was the five-year anniversary of a devastating earthquake in Haiti that took thousands of lives and brought... Read more
Posted by Sabrina Urquhart on
Tue, 12/30/2014
It's difficult to belive January 12 will be mark the fifth anniversary of the 2010 Haiti earthquake. At Students Rebuild, we always begin the New Year with our hearts and minds on those who survived... Read more
Posted by Karl Johnson on
Mon, 11/18/2013
It was actually architect Stacey McMahan's idea to revisit Haiti in October - the timing seemed perfect to see some celebrations at the Students Rebuild schools, catch up on Architecture for Humanity... Read more
Posted by Karl Johnson on
Wed, 10/30/2013
"We're not throwing a party this week," Sister Josette, mildly informs us. Josette, headmistress of Ecole Elie Dubois, is a woman whose presence casts more power than her small stature and powder... Read more
Posted by Karl Johnson on
Fri, 08/23/2013
"Work is moving relatively fast on the Pele school construction site," Natale Desrosiers reports. A startlingly positive note for a project mired by delays of the worst kind: gang intimidation and a... Read more
Posted by Karl Johnson on
Fri, 07/19/2013
By guest blogger Nathalie Jolivert, architectural designer at Architecture for Humanity's Haiti Rebuilding Center It is inevitable to think about the overall plans for Downtown Port-au-Prince as we... Read more
Posted by Karl Johnson on
Sat, 04/27/2013
This is a "base isolation" devise at the bottom of the building. Well, not quite the bottom. These things sit at all the contact points of the structure of a building and its foundation - when an... Read more
Posted by Karl Johnson on
Wed, 04/10/2013
And "Building 2" is a dubious title these days, as Building 1 - the other historic building forming the original campus of the glrls' vocational school in Port-au-Prince, WAS condemned, and torn down... Read more
Posted by Karl Johnson on
Tue, 01/08/2013
Haitian news magazine Tele Metropole last month featured the Elie Dubois school , a historic Port-au-Prince campus recovering from the 2010 earthquake. The school's next phase of construction,... Read more
Posted by Karl Johnson on
Fri, 10/26/2012
Notes from the Haiti Team Project meeting: "Pele looks great!! a punch list visit will happen next monday. strategy for problems - pause for a while. allow the school admin to regain the control of... Read more