Youth Uplift Challenge: Meet Laura

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Thu, 04/13/2017

The Youth Uplift Challenge is supporting Save the Children's youth opportunity programs in Nicaragua and Indonesia. In this blog post, Abby of Global Nomads Group shares some behind the scenes insight into Miami student Laura's daily life.

On Thursday, April 27th, we are bringing together students in Nicaragua and Miami to talk through youth opportunity and poverty. Watch the webcast on YouTube Live at 9:00a.m. PT/ Noon ET on 4/27

On any given day you can find Laura with her family, enjoying Florida’s natural beauty, or scheming on the best ways to protect our environment – most of the time, with a smile from ear to ear. If you ask her, she will tell you all the reasons she loves our planet, all about Columbian traditions, and her grandmother.

Connecting with people is really natural for Laura. Her appreciation for the world around her and for the opportunities she has had isn’t hard to see.

Laura’s family came to the US as political refugees when she was young. Listening to Laura share the struggles her parents endured for the hope of a safe life for their children was sad but also amazingly uplifting. Like millions of people in our world today, her family decided to leave the successful careers and homes they built, say goodbye to their extended family, and set off to an unfamiliar place with only the hope of a safer future for their children. They were greeted as outsiders, struggled to find stable work, and were forced to start their lives again from the ground up.

This experience has such a profound impact on Laura. She realizes that most of her dreams are possible because of the sacrifices that her family has made. I hope you enjoy getting to know her as much as we did!

Join Sebastian and Laura as they speak to Nicaraguan students in our Youth Uplift Challenge webcast on YouTube Live at 9:00a.m. PT/ Noon ET on 4/27

For every hand you make and send in from now until May 8, 2017, the Bezos Family Foundation will donate $1.90—up to $500,000—to Save the Children’s programs empowering youth in Nicaragua and Indonesia to rise into a life they dream for themselves. Take the Youth Uplift Challenge now!