Youth Uplift Challenge: Meet Resa

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Wed, 03/22/2017

The Youth Uplift Challenge is supporting Save the Children's youth opportunity programs in Nicaragua and Indonesia. We're excited to bring you to these countries to meet a few inspiring students finding success! In this blog post, Abby of Global Nomads Group shares some behind the scenes insight into Indonesian student Resa's daily life.

Giving young people the opportunity to share their stories is always a humbling and unique experience. You are invited into someone else’s world. It is a big deal.

Resa embraced us from the beginning. We were not only getting to know her, but she was curious to learn about us, our work, and our cameras! We spent time with her at school, hanging out with her friends, and at home with her family. Every situation revealed a whole other dimension of Resa. At school she is a serious student, earning some of the best scores in here school. In her free time and with her friends she is a budding photographer, that finds beauty in things most people don’t even notice. At home she is a daughter, a big sister to her step-brothers, and a source of pride for her family.

Resa’s dream is to take her passion and earn a living from a photography business. Beyond supporting herself and her family with this dream she hopes to open a school that would support youth growing up in hard situations, similar to her own. Through her involvement with Save the Children, Resa continues dream big and learns the leadership skills to help herself succeed.


For every hand you make and send in from now until May 8, 2017, the Bezos Family Foundation will donate $1.90—up to $500,000—to Save the Children’s programs empowering youth in Nicaragua and Indonesia to rise into a life they dream for themselves. Take the Youth Uplift Challenge now!