Youth Uplift Challenge: Meet Adis

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Wed, 03/22/2017

The Youth Uplift Challenge is supporting Save the Children's youth opportunity programs in Nicaragua and Indonesia. We're excited to bring you to these countries to meet a few inspiring students finding success! In this blog post, Abby of Global Nomads Group shares some behind the scenes insight into Indonesian student Adis' daily life.

The depths of defeat, struggle, and loss are scary. Those who are able to pull themselves up from those depths tend to have a quiet compassion that fills them with appreciation and understanding of life. 

Adis knows how to rock a skull ring and he can most definitely fix your motorbike…or anything else with a motor. His strong exterior and quiet demeanor is the perfect recipe for surprising people. After a full day of filming Adis at the motorcycle shop where he works, we zig zagged through back alleyways until we found a quiet spot to interview him. As we set up our equipment the kids from around the neighborhood started to gather. In a goofy way they poked fun at Adis for being a “moviestar” throughout the first section of the interview.

As we dove in deeper and started to speak about the struggles Adis has overcome, the mood shifted. With tears in his eyes, he shared the constant fears of being a street child, his difficulties with learning, and the painful disconnection from his family he experienced. Everyone in that back alley felt his vulnerability and saw his resilience. He spoke of the new found importance of his family, his ambition to open his own mechanic shop, and dedication to improving himself and his skills constantly. The same kids that were laughing at him a few minutes ago, were captivated by Adis and his story. They sat silently until the end of the interview. The issues Adis faced in his youth are all too familiar for so many people and communities. His story resonated with the younger kids there that day. He inspired them. They walked away wishing “ I hope I am like Adis when I am older”, “ I wish everyone made bad things better like Adis”. 

Through Save the Children’s technical training programs, Adis built a new found self confidence that empowered him to purse a full time job at the motorbike shop. This is just the beginning of Adis’s story. He plans to continue to fix bikes and hopes to open his own shop that will employ youth facing troubles. ​


For every hand you make and send in from now until May 8, 2017, the Bezos Family Foundation will donate $1.90—up to $500,000—to Save the Children’s programs empowering youth in Nicaragua and Indonesia to rise into a life they dream for themselves. Take the Youth Uplift Challenge now!