"I Will Be Able to Provide For My Family"

Posted by Save the Children on
Tue, 03/21/2017

The Youth Uplift Challenge is supporting Save the Children's youth opportunity programs in Nicaragua and Indonesia. We're excited to bring you to these countries to meet a few inspiring students finding success! In this blog post, meet Decky, a young barista and student in Save the Children's Skills to Succeed program.

Decky was only 7 when he lost his mother. Soon after, his father moved away to look for a better job in another city, and Decky was left in the small village of Menggala in Lamung, to live with his grandmother who was very poor. After he finished high school, he could not afford to go to college.  He wanted to find a job so that he could support himself and plan for the future.

He moved to the city of Bandar, where he stayed with his cousin and looked forward to starting his life in the city. But Looking for a job in Bandar was not as easy as he imagined. Four months later he was still unemployed and living with his cousin, whose house he was cleaning in lieu of rent.

Still, Decky was determined to have a better life and found a job at a coffee shop. He was hired as a waiter and later promoted to junior barista.  Unfortunately he received no training at all on how to be a barista, and was only paid in food.  After a few months of work, he became discouraged. He knew that he had bigger dreams and was uncertain about a successful future.

In the midst of his confusion, Save the Children offered him a place in their Skills to Succeed program.

He was excited to participate and felt certain that the variety of trainings and services offered by the program such as employability skills – these are the skills that make a candidate appear professional and polished -- entrepreneurial skills, career counseling and internship opportunities would help him on the path to success.

Through the program, he had the opportunity to discuss his professional aspirations with a career counselor. During these sessions, Decky told the counselor about his work experience in the coffee shop and his interest in the coffee industry. The counselor advised him to continue his career as a barista.

After completing his training with Skills to Succeed on employability skills and with the support of his career counselor, he secured a paid internship at Flambojan Coffee for two months where he received formal training on the art of coffee making. Decky chose this internship because through the program he realized that his dream is to be able to have his own coffee shop one day. Decky took advantage of the opportunity by working very hard. His employers noticed his strong work ethic and offered him a permanent position after he completed his internship.

Decky is now learning everything he needs to know about running a coffee shop while also supporting himself and sending money back to his family to help pay for his little sister’s school fees.

Decky feels very fortunate for being able to join the Skills to Succeed program.  Previously his goal was to receive a salary, but now he has bigger aspirations.  "Thanks to Skills to Succeed by Save the Children for giving me this opportunity. I want to continue learning and increasing my knowledge about coffee at my current job, so that later when I become an expert, I can to open a coffee shop in Menggala-Lampung, my hometown. Now that I have learned about entrepreneurship, I can see that if I manage my own business correctly, I will be able to provide for my family," he said.

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