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Thu, 03/31/2016

We love to hear from our Challenge teams, and have been especially impressed with the enthusiastic participation of many teams from Greece. As we approach 1,000 registered teams for the Healing Classrooms Challenge, we're pleased to share another blog post from EiriniMoutzouri, one of the key advocates for the Students Rebuild program in Greece. Syrian families, desperate to flee the violence in their homeland, are landing on Greek shores and children, educators and communities throughout Greece have stepped up to help. We also want to share your story and inspire other teams; mail us your photos, video and / or thoughts about why you're participating in the Challenge and we'll share them on our blog and social media!

"This is the first of the teams that has evolved from our collaboration with Europalso, (Certified Association of Foreign Language Schools and Teachers, Greece). We are very excited about their participation in the Healing Classrooms Challenge and are even happier to hear that their call to schools for participation has yielded so far up to 40 schools! In addition to this, Europalso will be facilitating participation by providing Challenge posters, processing the registration and handling the email feedback, back to Students Rebuild. 

Kickstarting the Europalso collaboration was, Epilogi School of Foreign Languages, which I had the pleasure to attend with Lilika Couri from etc-seminars. “Epilogi” in Greek means “Choice," and for Efi Aslanidou on hearing about the Challenge call from Europalso, the choice was simple. In fact, she was so enthused that she decided to dedicate the current school term's "creative activity" to making pinwheels for “Healing Classrooms.” Like Efi, it was the choice of most of the students and their parents to take part in the Challenge, and as we have seen at other Challenges, the experience for all involved was heart warming. The students loved it and the parents enjoyed taking part in the activity with their children.

Bringing it all together, with her always special touch, we had Lilika Couri of etc-seminars, who gently reminded us all the reason why we had come together, prompting the children to each consider and send out to the universe one word, one wish, one thought… in Greek… in English… in French… and then rounded it all off with a little song… with words of love from the children at Epilogi (hope to post as a very short video clip, soon ;)

'Spin, spin, spin the wheel
gently with the wind,
send words of love 
to a Syrian kid.'

The children with the help of teachers and parents managed to make 550 pinwheels, which they hope to take to the Elaionas refugee camp. We have also kept back some pinwheels to make up into Activity sets for refugee children! As always thanks for you giving us this opportunity to get students involved in this ever evolving crisis!"

Kind Regards,

Eirini Moutzouri

Pinwheels for Happiness

Pinwheels for Happiness with words & song.

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The Students Rebuild Healing Classrooms Challenge, in partnership with the International Rescue Committee and Global Nomads Group will help Syrian youth from conflict areas recover from crisis and grow into happy, healthy adults. The Bezos Family Foundation will match every pinwheel you make and mail in with $2--up to $400,000--to support IRC's Healing Classrooms program. The more pinwheels you send in, the more children you'll help!