Vik Muniz & Anita Quansah: Water Challenge Benefit Posters & More!

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Tue, 11/17/2015

The world water crisis is vast, but working together, we improved the lives of thousands in Tanzania through the Students Rebuild Water ChallengeThe Water Challenge projects are completed, and we can't thank you enough for sending in more than 800,000 paper beads! The Bezos Family Foundation matched your work with a $500,000 donation to charity: water, who used the funds to build wells, spring protections and sanitary facilities at schools. See them all--including GPS coordinates--on the Completed Projects page and watch the Water Challenge overview video.

What did we do with all of those wonderful paper beads? We're so thrilled two artists joined the Water Challenge and volunteered their creative talents and time to create stunning projects with your creations. These cumulative bead projects symbolize how youth all over the world came together to support Tanzania. And these art pieces also have the potential to provide even more funds to charity: water's continued efforts to bring clean water to those who need it most.

Anita Quansah

This accomplished London-based designer created a dramatic gown and collar using your paper beads, glass beads, safety pins, cloth and other materials. Anita's beautiful work is shown here as part of a high-fashion photo shoot, images courtesy of Kevin Scott, Olson Kundig Architects:

Beyond the beauty of these objects, the heavy weight of the dress evokes the burden many women and girls bear as they collect water and travel long distances to transport it. We are currently researching high-profile opportunities to display Anita's gown and collar, tell the story of the Water Challenge and build awareness and support of charity: water's ongoing efforts to address the world water crisis. We'll keep you up to date on future developments.

Vik Muniz

We're honored to again have renowned visual artist Vik Muniz transform Challenge items into a work of art. Vik first worked with us in this way on the Paper Cranes for Japan Challenge--his mural made with thousands of students' paper cranes is a striking benefit poster that continues to support projects in Japan. For the Water Challenge, Vik has outdone himself again by crafting images of four Tanzanian students, made with your beads. We see the work as an homage to all Tanzanian students and our high hopes for their bright future through education. Because having clean, convenient water and sanitary facilities isn't just a nice thing to have--it allows students an opportunity to attend school and build better lives. Want your own Water Challenge benefit poster to support clean water? Click here. Also, see the Water Challenge video that features Vik Muniz!


The Students Rebuild Water Challenge, in partnership with charity: water and Global Nomads Group, is helping bring clean, safe drinking water to those who need it most. Every 20 handmade beads provides access to clean water for one person in a village. Your handmade beads are providing nearly 19,000 people clean water in Tanzania because the Bezos Family Foundation through Students Rebuild matched your beads with funding for 57 water projects that are serving schools and communities.