Literacy Challenge Books and Bookmarks Delivery!

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Mon, 11/02/2015

We're grateful for our Literacy Challenge Teams who made and mailed in more than 300,000 bookmarks! The Bezos Family Foundation matched your bookmarks with $300,000 in funding to Save the Children's Literacy Boost program in Mali, Peru and Nepal. In addition to using the funding to provide more reading materials to young people, Save the Children delivered thousands of your bookmarks to children in Malawi, Peru and the United States! In addition to these photos, you can see bookmark delivery in Peru near the end of our live webcast from Peru video. The bookmarks you sent will be useful as students read, and also symbolize that their peers around the world care about them and support their education.

Students Rebuild launched the Literacy Challenge in partnership with Global Nomads Group and Save the Children because millions of 5- to 12 year-olds cannot read or write--even some who are attending school. Many children who are living in extreme poverty, girls and those with few books or no one to read to them at home need extra support to become strong readers and learners--which will lead to a much brighter future.

Save the Children used funds raised by the Literacy Challenge to translate, adapt and print copies of 80 publication titles for schools in Mali, Peru and Nepal. They disseminated these new reading materials to school and community book banks.


Working with the Ministry of Education, Save the Children staff successfully translated books in four languages: Bamanankan (80 titles), French (40 titles), Shenara (60 titles) and Mamara (60 titles). The team also adapted the content of 40 titles to be culturally-appropriate for local contexts. The book printing and delivery was underway in September, so in the final months of 2015, staff will conduct follow-up visits to book banks and document and report on the use of the new reading materials.


Save the Children staff collaborated with a local translator to translate all titles in the Nepali language. The translated titles were tested widely in Pyuthan and Kapilvastu districts with 120 children from grades 1 to 6 in five schools, in addition to a selection of teachers and reading camp facilitators. The field test showed that children were interested in the materials, but challenged by the vocabulary. Save the Children adjusted the vocabulary, sentence length and content matter to ensure readability and then coordinated the printing and distribution of the revised titles to schools in September 2015. Save the Children staff shared these titles with the Curriculum Development Center in Nepal with the goal of extending use of these texts well beyond the schools originally targeted to receive them. 


After undertaking a rigorous translation of the 80 titles in Spanish, Save the Children staff worked with a consultant to translate each text into Quechua. In the first week of September 2015, Save the Children conducted the validation of texts in 23 schools, where teachers from every classroom from first to sixth grade randomly selected 82 students to read texts. The results of the validation showed on average, children were able to read and understand the texts easily, considered the pictures attractive and liked the content of the books. Determined a success, both in terms of appeal and quality, the texts are currently being printed for distribution. They will make an important impact on the Quechua-language reading environment, as Quechua-language children’s texts are in short supply in Peru.

In addition to supporting Mali, Peru and Nepal with new texts, Save the Children uploaded these new resources onto their Digital Book Bank, where they can be accessed by all of their offices globally! We'll keep you posted with additional updates on how these new reading materials are supporting education for young people around the world. Thank you for taking action and seeing change through the Students Rebuild Literacy Challenge!

Photos courtesy Save the Children and Global Nomads Group

The Students Rebuild Literacy Challenge, in partnership with Save the Children and Global Nomads Group, helped thousands of children in disadvantaged communities become successful life-long readers and learners. The Bezos Family Foundation, through Students Rebuild, has matched each bookmark you made and mailed in with $1—up to $300,000—for Save the Children’s Literacy Boost program in Mali, Nepal and Peru.