Live, Love, Learn for Literacy

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Mon, 06/08/2015

We love hearing from our Students Rebuild Challenge Teams! Today we hear from a Portland, OR team who participated in the Students Rebuild Literacy Challenge. Photos courtesy of the Live Love Learn team.

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Hello! My name is Olivia Cull and I am in seventh grade at Laurelhurst School in Portland, Oregon. My team name is “Live, Love, Learn.”  I participated in the Students Rebuild Literacy Challenge by giving students in grades 2, 3, 5, 6,  7, and 8 the opportunity to make bookmarks for literacy! I visited many classrooms to raise awareness about the importance of education and the need for supplies in schools around the world.

I began with a PowerPoint presentation and then showed a brief video about Literacy Boost. Then, I passed out blank bookmarks to everyone to decorate. The best part was watching everyone in the classroom begin to talk about reading, books and learning!

A unique aspect of my project was that for the middle school classes we created bookmarks in Spanish. They have inspirational quotes from artists, authors and civil rights activists like Picasso, Cervantes, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Martin Luther King.

I thought this would be interesting for the students because they are learning Spanish, and also because we will be viewing the live Literacy Challenge webcast from Peru this September.

For me, this project was a continuation of raising awareness about global education. In the Spring of 2014, I portrayed Malala Yousafzai and did an interactive teaching sessions at school about what life is like for girls in countries where they are being denied the education they deserve.

This project was an amazing learning experience for me and my classmates. After being laminated and adorned with tassels, Laurelhurst School’s “Live, Love, Learn” bookmarks are ready to be sent!     

The Students Rebuild Literacy Challenge, in partnership with Save the Children and Global Nomads Group, helped thousands of children in disadvantaged communities become successful life-long readers and learners. The Bezos Family Foundation, through Students Rebuild, has matched each bookmark you made and mailed in with $1—up to $300,000—for Save the Children’s Literacy Boost program in Mali, Nepal and Peru.