Expressing Love and Compassion through Bookmarks: Seoul Foreign High School Key Club

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Tue, 05/12/2015

We love hearing from our Students Rebuild Challenge Teams! Today we're pleased to share this blog from Anna Pi, Key Club president at Seoul Foreign High School who rallied her fellow students to participate in the Students Rebuild Literacy Challenge.

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Our club is the Seoul Foreign High School Key Club, mostly focused on acts of service and fundraising for The Eliminate Project. We participated in the Students Rebuild Literacy Challenge this year for an act of service. Since our club is the only club from South Korea participating in this Challenge, the members were more motivated to give all of their effort into this challenge.

Although we are a new club with less members than many other clubs, our club members made 138 bookmarks in total! Our club was focused on this project for the whole month of March. The members attended meetings every other Tuesday to help make personalized bookmarks.

The students genuinely enjoyed the Challenge and learned so much. Here are some of their opinions: 

"I am so glad I participated in this rewarding activity because I had a lot of fun making these bookmarks. Moreover, I was delightful that I was helping less privileged kids by making bookmarks." -  Alice Cho, Secretary 

"I think it's a very unique fundraising event compared to other common events in SFS (such as bake sales and pizza sales). It was pretty fun to make bookmarks: sketching, drawing, colouring... and the even better thing is that it's not only fun, but can raise $1 per one!" - Anyun Tan, Key Clubber

Unfortunately, because we are not located in the US, we are not able to send our bookmarks to Students Rebuild.*

Instead, we are planning on putting the bookmarks in our school library for all of the students to take. We hope this will raise awareness for the Challenge and program.

We thank Students Rebuild for giving us the chance to help others we may not have been able to reach ourselves. We are overjoyed that we were able to help this great cause and hope to participate in future challenges as well! 

Anna Pi

Seoul Foreign High School Key Club President 


*Note: Teams outside of the U.S. can participate in Students Rebuild Challenges by sending digital bookmarks. Learn more by reading our Frequently Asked Questions.

The Students Rebuild Literacy Challenge, in partnership with Save the Children and Global Nomads Group, will help thousands of children in disadvantaged communities become successful life-long readers and learners. The Bezos Family Foundation, through Students Rebuild, will match each bookmark you make and mail in with $1—up to $300,000—for Save the Children’s Literacy Boost program in Mali, Nepal and Peru. The more bookmarks you send, the more children we’ll reach!