International Designer Anita Quansah Joins Water Challenge

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Wed, 03/26/2014
Jewelry and Fashion Designer to Create Gown and Collar Using Your Handmade Paper Beads

London-based African designer Anita Quansah will join the Students Rebuild Water Challenge by creating—and donating for auction—a one-of-a-kind gown and collar. Quansah, whose background is Nigerian, Ghanaian and British, will create and donate a dramatic gown and collar using the handmade paper beads you mail in for the Water Challenge. All proceeds from the gown and collar will benefit charity: water.

Quansah hails from a traditional  African family who has been in the creative industry for many generations, designing and making traditional attires out of handwoven and embellished textiles for the political leaders, kings, queens and traditional rulers of the Igbo Land of Eastern  Nigeria. Anita's childhood in Nigeria exposed her to many experiences, rich diverse cultures and skills which have inspired her. She constantly explored creatively as a young child to make her very own creations--unique embroidered wearable art. Fusing together many unusual skills acquired from her late grandmother, she is a a renowned seamstress and designer of her time.

Her jewelries are designed to bring armor to mind, with finished looks filled with elegance and grace. They have the illusion of ease and comfort with lavishly trimmed frills, flounces and feathers of intricate, decorative hand beading. They have a varying mix of unexpected elements and materials and that of traditional techniques, all with many strong stories weaved into them.

Quansah’s pieces are both conversational statements and works of wearable art which have gained international recognition. She has created unique handmade embroidered textile pieces for some of the leading textile and fashion design houses: DKNY, Diane Von Furstenberg, Ischiko, Calvin Klein, Weisbrod Zurrer and Sandy Starkman. She has also collaborated with fashion designer Christian Lacroix, designing and embroidering pieces featured on the runway for his haute couture show in Paris.

Anita Quansah founded Anita Quansah London in 2006. Presently she's designing a range of bespoke embroidered pieces for Ballin Shoes in Italy for the use in footwear and accessories. She's also running a design enrichment program at schools for young girls and adults, teaching valuable design skills, using her experience to help nurture those who want to broaden and enlighten their creative capabilities. Learn more--and see more of her beautiful work--at

The Students Rebuild Water Challenge, in partnership with charity: water and Global Nomads Group, will help to bring clean, safe drinking water to those who need it most. Take the Water Challenge today! By May 16, 2014, make a paper bead and mail it in to generate funding for water projects in Tanzania. Every 20 handmade beads will provide access to clean water for one person. This school year, your handmade beads can provide more than 16,000 people clean water in Tanzania because the Bezos Family Foundation through Students Rebuild will match your beads with funding for 41 water projects that serve schools and communities.