New Water Challenge Deadline--and Vik Muniz Joins Water Challenge!

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Mon, 02/24/2014
Celebrated artist Vik Muniz will create a one-of-a-kind art piece with your paper beads.

We're excited to make two big announcements about the Students Rebuild Water Challenge! We're extending the Water Challenge deadline to May 16, 2014. As well, world-renowned visual artist, Vik Muniz, has joined the Challenge and agreed to create a special piece using the paper beads you send in! His art will become a benefit poster with proceeds going to charity: water. Stay tuned for more details about this poster in the coming weeks.

As you may know, the Students Rebuild Water Challenge asks students worldwide to make and mail in paper beads. Every 20 handmade beads will provide access to clean water for one person because the Bezos Family Foundation—through its Students Rebuild program—will match beads with up to $500,000 in funding for 41 charity: water projects for Tanzanian schools and communities. Water projects include rainwater harvesting, new wells, repair and updating of non-functioning wells and maintenance.

To date, more than 500 teams in 23 countries have joined the Students Rebuild Water Challenge. We're thrilled to have teams from Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Burundi, Canada, China, the Dominican Republic, Germany, Greece, India, Iran, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Puerto Rico, Romania, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Swaziland, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey and the United States and Uruguay.

Muniz also contributed his time, vision and talent to a previous Students Rebuild project. Following the 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami, the Students Rebuild Paper Cranes for Japan Challenge called on young people to make origami cranes, which the foundation matched with reconstruction funding. An overwhelming response of two million paper cranes from 38+ countries and all 50 United States inspired Muniz to create a large-scale art piece from thousands of paper cranes which was photographed for a beautiful benefit poster. All proceeds from the poster continue to support Japanese reconstruction. Plans are underway to create a similar piece for the Water Challenge--continue to follow Students Rebuild for details!

Photo Credit: Lucas Blalock

The Students Rebuild Water Challenge, in partnership with charity: water and Global Nomads Group, will help to bring clean, safe drinking water to those who need it most. Take the Water Challenge today! By May 16, 2014, make a paper bead and mail it in to generate funding for water projects in Tanzania. Every 20 handmade beads will provide access to clean water for one person in a village. This school year, your handmade beads can provide more than 16,000 people clean water in Tanzania because the Bezos Family Foundation through Students Rebuild will match your beads with funding for 41 water projects that serve schools and communities.