Kitakami Market on schedule for Christmas completion

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Posted by Karl Johnson on
Tue, 12/18/2012

(Reporting by Akinobu Yoshikawa, Architecture for Humanity Design Fellow.)

With the threat of cold northern winter and large earthquake, the Kitakami "We Are One" project is still sailing without delays. Power to the building is expected to come Christmas Day!

Since the last update, all the exterior wall panels are installed, and work on interior finish has been the main event.

On the first week of December, Mr. Yoshitaka Michihata of "Artwall" ( from Tokyo have come all the way to donate his work and paint for this project. The walls are plastered with silicious marl, a diatomaceous earth from ground sea shells and limestone. The material controls the humidity in the Summer, and its fine pores clean the air, reducing the risk of Sick Building Syndrome, an important feature to consider for spaces for children.
Mr. Michihata from Tokyo kindly donated his work and paint

Also the wood cable tray donated by Mr. Sugihara (master carpenter) and GC (General Contractor, from Luxs Co.), was installed, and installed so well working with the paint to enhance the quality of the space. Now visitors would not even recognize where the tray is and that a cable is concealed behind.

Thanks to the hard work and lots of kindhearted donations by many, the space is looking like a top class restaurant that many would envy!

With the final touches, the building should be ready to go Christmas Day!