Earthquake follow-up

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Thu, 12/13/2012

    We spoke with the Japan team earlier this week and got a synopsis of the effects of last Friday's undersea earthquake near Tohoku. Here's the breakdown but damages were, all told, minimal.

    There was not much damage reported; two people died and 14 people injured.

      As far as public transportation is concerned, bullet trains stopped in eastern Japan after the earthquake, but resumed their services within 4 hours.  15 flights got canceled.

        The national government reported there were actually two earthquakes happened 20 seconds apart.  They also updated the scale to be M7.4 (originally reported as M7.3).

          People were relatively calm and evacuated to safe places quickly.  However, there were some automobile traffic congestions reported on escape routes, which local governments need to re-evaluate.  

            Cell and phone services got congested for a while.  Again, Twitter and FB were the main communication line both domestically and internationally.

            All of our staff are safe.  Our projects have no visible damage.