White Plains, NY Sends Hopes, Prayers and Over 1,001 Cranes for Japan

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Sun, 05/22/2011

The recent earthquakes and tsunami in Japan were terrible, and caused much devastation and death. Now, thousand are homeless…they need our help. The Ambassadors immediately took charge: we were searching far and wide for ways that we could help. Finally, on DoSomething.org, I found a project known as Paper Cranes for Japan.

I was intrigued by this project. People across the world, including Wisconsin, Minnesota, Washington, Greece, Romania and the Philippines have taken action and sent in cranes. I was astounded by the fervent effort of these people and the sheer amount of cranes that have been sent in already. As of today, April 8th, 2011, a total of 62,623 cranes have been received, bringing the total donation received by Japan to 125,246 dollars. This is a union of peacemakers across the globe; the hidden heroes who possess within them an urge to take action and make a difference have emerged and combined forces to help Japan. Making a crane is a small act of kindness that goes a long way and contributes to a huge movement that may be part of what can save Japan Inspired, I decided to adopt this project and bring it to White Plains. I encouraged my school to participate, and also urged my friends and family to help however they could. The White Plains Youth Bureau staff and the 4th, 5th and 6th grade students from the Youth Bureau’s 21st century Excel program also took part.

The combined efforts of the students and staff of Eastview Middle School, the White Plains Youth Bureau, the 21st Century Excel program and my own friends and family have had a colossal and outstanding outcome: 1,001 cranes, each made with special thought and prayers spread their wings and flew from White Plains last night, on their way to make a difference in the life of a person across the globe. I believe that what we did made a huge difference, and I will be continuing this mission for another week: my goal is to reach at least another 500. It was a tremendous effort on the parts of many, but it had an amazing effect: everyone is ecstatic about the fact that we did it!

Part of what encouraged me to join this effort, apart from my involvement in Global Ambassadors and my urge to do something, is my belief that everyone in this world deserves a fair chance. I believe that although we may not look alike, and we may not think alike, when bared to the soul, every person in this world is exactly alike, with the same basic emotions, urges and necessities. Everyone deserves an equal chance at success, and it is up to us, the more fortunate, to provide those who are less fortunate with that chance. And so…I decided to take action, to do something.

Japan: our prayers, thoughts and hopes are with you. Keep in mind that hope is the greatest weapon you can possess…without hope, you have nothing, but with it, you can have everything. In the darkest of hours, hope will be your light. Have hope, because you are in the minds of thousands across the globe. We’re all in this together, every one in seven billion.

Submitted by Raina Kadavil, White Plains, NY, April 8, 2011