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About Students Rebuild


What is Students Rebuild?

Students Rebuild is a collaborative program of the Bezos Family Foundation that inspires young people worldwide to connect, learn and take collective action on critical global issues. Take action and see change by taking the Challenge today! Learn more and download a fact sheet about Students Rebuild on our About page.

How do I reach Students Rebuild?

You can send a message through our Contact Us page, email us at info@studentsrebuild.org or write to our postal mail address: Students Rebuild, 2400 1st Ave. S. #336, Seattle, WA 98134

I have questions about the current Students Rebuild Challenge.

Please see our Ocean Challenge FAQ page

Why do your Challenges require students to make something and mail it in?

At Students Rebuild, we believe in the Carl Wilkens quote: "When you make something with your hands, it changes the way you feel, which changes the way you think, which changes the way you act." We're hopeful that as Challenge participants work on the items they will send in, they'll think about the Challenge topic and the beneficiaries they're helping. We want to give all young people a way to show they care, to feel empathy and take action - and we'll handle the funding. And yes, we realize it would be much more efficient for our foundation to simply send a donation to a charity, but our unique model allows young people from all walks of life to learn about and support global issues - and helps to build a culture of giving and empathy in younger generations.

Why are none of your Students Rebuild Challenges based in the United States?

Students Rebuild is a program of the Bezos Family Foundation; almost all of the foundation's partners / grantees work exclusively in the United States. One of the few exceptions are our Students Rebuild Challenge partners who also support young people abroad. Learn more about the foundation’s U.S.-based partners and core beliefs.

How do your Challenges work? How does the symbolic object the students send in change into funding?

Students Rebuild is a program of the Bezos Family Foundation. Through our annual Challenges, we ask young people to learn, connect, and take action on critical global issues. Once they understand the Challenge topic, we ask youth to create symbolic objects which the foundation matches with funding for a good cause. Not every young person has the means or opportunity to raise funds, so we ask them to show they care by creating and mailing in symbols that express their care and concern. This approach allows young people of all backgrounds and in almost any country around the world to take action on critical global issues.

Through investments in research, public awareness and programs, the foundation works to elevate the field of education and improve life outcomes for all children. You can learn more about the Bezos Family Foundation here.

Where can I submit ideas for future Students Rebuild Challenges?

We'd love to hear from you! Please submit suggestions for Students Rebuild Challenges here.

Do we have to make the Challenge item in a classroom? Do I have to be at a school to participate in a Students Rebuild Challenge?

No. Numerous Challenge teams participate in a classroom or library, but many of our teams are groups such as service clubs (e.g. Key Clubs, 4-H, Interact), art clubs or diversity clubs who meet during or after school to participate in the Challenge. Individuals participate alone, museums and community groups start teams, homeschooling parents and their children participate and we even have teams comprised of Big Sisters and Big Brothers working with their “Littles.” Faith groups gather in houses of worship to participate, and often, friends with no affiliation to any group just gather and participate.

It’s completely up to you how you’d like to participate in the Challenge—what’s important is that young people learn about critical global issues, built empathy and take action by creating Challenge items and sending them in. With the help of matching funds, all of those individual efforts all over the world come together to make a real difference in the lives of others!

How do I sign up for the Students Rebuild Newsletter?

You can sign up for our monthly newsletter here.

How many people should I have on my Challenge team?

There's no minimum or maximum to the number of people you can have on a Challenge team. It's common to be a team of one; we've also seen teams of hundreds of people! Just make sure you register for the Challenge here.

Do I need to register for the current Challenge if I've taken a Challenge before?

Yes! Please register for the current Challenge even if you've taken one before. This helps us accurately track the number of items made and people involved with each Challenge.